I’m writing a blog now?

Who decided this was a good idea? Oh yeah, I did. I should be working on some of the many WIPs I’ve started in the last year, but my brain is scattered to the far reaches of someplace big and distant. So instead, I’m going to sit here in mumble about life and things for a bit and then continue to try and figure out how to build this webpage.

Ahh the page. I’m a little frustrated with it at the moment because it said I could change things after I started and then I couldn’t figure out how. So I started over. I’m calling it Glorified Chaos because it makes a ton of sense. I don’t know what I’m going to put on the page. I got the idea from author websites that I enjoy perusing. I don’t have anything published in the creative realm yet so I thought I would put my short stories here until I’m trying to sell them. I’m also writing book reviews as an exercise. There’s a lot of random stuff to put here and it’s all based on my mood and what I’m up to. In other words, my chaos.

What is my chaos?

Right now my chaos ranges all over the place. On the bad end are the ever-present pandemic, cancer, dementia, death, and everyday annoyances. On the good end are an amazing family, an attempt to reshape my career, and light at the end of the tunnel that has been the last two years. If it seems my bad outweigh my good at the moment, you’d be right. I’m trying hard to embrace the good and look forward to relief from the bad. That light is bright and I see good things ahead.

The Fun Stuff

What might you expect from me on this site?

I want to be a writer, so there should be a lot of focus on writing. Every time I sit down to my computer to write, I’m honing the skill. I’ll use this page to practice and to post things that are not yet published. Most never will be, I’m sure. I keep feeling a bit fraudulent when I say that I’m trying to become a writer, because I already am. First, I don’t think you have to be published to be a writer. Second, I am a published writer, but not in the way I’m working towards. That history of publishing in science should help me along the way. I’m used to writing and editing. I’m used to having my work critiqued by others. The new is that I’ve never had to get an agent or publisher for the work in the same way as one would for a novel and that ultimately is my goal. I want to write novels and I would like for them to be traditionally published. So, at the end of the day, I’m going to try and use this site to help me to that goal.

Reading is a big part of writing. Knowing how others write helps build the skill and also helps one know what other people are interested in reading. I’ve been in a reading slump for a while, but am now back to reading a few books at once. My library card has been getting a lot of use recently. To further help with writing, I’m going to be writing reviews for the books I read. I wrote a review for Stephen King’s On Writing the other day and I’ll post it here.

Gaming- I love playing video games. I think there is a place for gaming reviews by a middle aged woman. Sure, people will read those. Ok, maybe not, but more writing practice.

Cooking, wine, exercise, parenting, etc. I can see writing up blogs on all the things I’m doing if for no other reason than to procrastinate doing them.

I think that’s enough for now. Feel free to respond. Be nice. I reserve the right to police my site as I see fit.

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